“ePrint” solves to print directory from iPhone or iPod touch.




Overview"ePrint" allows printing directly from iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

If you have “ePrint” and required printers, you don’t need PC anymore.
“ePrint” has print settings such as paper size or color.
Print photos or contacts in your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as you like.
You can check print image beforehand with preview.
Please test with “ePrint Free” at first, then get “ePrint”.

Lineup       : ePrint (Paid), ePrint Free (Free)
Languages    : English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

“ePrint" is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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Add printerThumbnailsamplesample2

[For iDisk users]
please enter user name without [@me.com] when you try to connect iDisk.



Overview“ePrint" is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

ePrint is done to iPad for complete.
ePrint promptly corresponds to iPad.
It can enjoy printing in a more comfortable environment such as big preview displays and two pane screens of original iPad.

Main MenuAlbumPrintSettingPrintSetting
WevDAV PrintWevDAV PrintMail attached file Print




The differences of ePrint (paid version) and ePrint Free:
- ePrint has various print formats.
- ePrint is available to print several pages.
- ePrint supports borderless or border printing.
- ePrint is available to print from shared printers by Mac.

Print settingsDoticon_blk_Check.pngPrint settings

  1. Contacts
  2. Camera
  3. Albums
  4. Web
  5. Note
  6. Photo calender
  7. Photo card
  8. Clipboard
  9. iDisk/WebDAV
  10. Mail (IMAP) *POP mail format is not supported.

Printer settingsDoticon_blk_Check.pngPrinter settings

  1. Color
  2. Duplex (page printer)
  3. Sepia
  4. Media (Inkjet printer)
  5. Paper size (A4/ Letter/ A3/ A5/ B4/ B5/ HLT/ Legal/ 3.5x5 / 5x7/ 4x6/ 8x10/ Postcard)
  6. Orientation
  7. Paper type
  8. Print image preview

Add a printerDoticon_blk_Check.pngAdd a printer
 The printer is registered by either of the following methods.

  1. Enter IP address
  2. Bonjour
  3. Shard Printer(Mac OS10.2 or laer, Paid only)

Supply informationDoticon_blk_Check.pngSupply information
 Information on the amount etc. of the printer of the ink remainder is displayed.
 (Become only a printer that can acquire articles of supply information.)

Support Printer List

Support Printer List

Support Printer ListSupport Printer List
“ePrint” supports the following printers. (Wi-Fi connection is required)

Add Printer ImageAdd Printer Image

Printer is connected on the network and printed through TCP/IP (LPR or Port9100).
Printer should be available for SNMP.

“ePrint” supports the following printers. (Wi-Fi connection is required)
Please check each printer manufacture web site to confirm what printer description language your printer has.
Please check if ePrint supports your printer’s PDL(Printer Description Language) before you purchase ePrint.

Support Printer List(PDF file)

EPSON Printers & Multifunction Printers
- PDL: ESC/P-R (except for ESC/P raster), ESC/Page, ESC/Page-Color, ESC/Page-S(Color only)

HP Printers & Multifunction Printers
- PDL: PCL3GUI, PCL (Except for HostBase model)

Canon Page Printers & Multifunction Printers
- PDL: LIPS4 (Except LIPS LX)

HP Printers & Multifunction Printers
- PDL: PCL, PostScript

- PDL : PCL, PS3

Ricoh Printers & MFP
- PDL : PCL, PS3

CASIO PagePrinters
- PDL : CPDL/Page (Except for V Series、B Series)

KYOCERA Document Solutions Printer & MFP
- PDL : PCL, PS3

Savin Printer & MFP
- PDL : PCL, PS3

Lanier Printer & MFP
- PDL : PCL, PS3

nashuatec / Rex-Rotary / Gestetner Printer & MFP
- PDL : PCL, PS3

Infotec MFP
- PDL : PCL, PS3

Other Page Printers (brother, Samsung, Lexmark or other manufacture’s Page Printers)
- PDL: LIPS (Except for CAPT)/PCL/PostScript

Other Inkjet Printers (Canon, brother, Samsung, Lexmark or other manufacture’s Inkjet Printers)
- NONE. (ePrint DONOT work.)

Please test with “ePrint Free” at first, then get “ePrint”.

Shared printer by Mac
All vendors’ printers are available to print from shared printers by Mac.
At that time just printer’s default settings are available.

HP ink-jet printer user, when "Failed to get printer control command" message appears, please set PDL to "PCL3GUI".
Also set "Port" is "Port9100", when register printer manually.

How to use

How to use

How to useHow to use

Add a printer

[Add Printer] sample video

Camera print

[Camera print] sample video

Album print

[Album Print] sample video

Note print

[Note print] sample video

Contacts print

[Contacts print] sample video




Q:What printer models are supported?
ePrint supports these printers that connected to the Wi-Fi network by TCP/IP (LPR) connection.
Support printers are listed as below.
Be sure that your printer is possible to use with “ePrint Free” before purchase “ePrint”.
We are planning to add supported printer in the future.
Q:Does ePrint support ink-jet printer?
Yes. ePrint supports Epson Ink-jet printers.
(Wi-Fi support model or network print server support model only.)
See [Support Printer List] for details.
Q:I don’t know my printer’s IP address.
Ask each printer manufacture.
Q:What functions do print settings contain?
The following paper sizes are available. (Ver.2.0)
(Depends on printer models some paper sizes are not available.)
Q:Is it able to change paper size default?
Yes. Select “Settings” on the “Main” window and choose paper size in the “Default Paper Size” column.



Support Printer ListManual File
“ePrint” manual file.

Download Manual(PDF file)

How to buy

How to buy

How to buyHow to buy

Please click the following icon to buy the application program with App Store.

ePrint [Paid]

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ePrint Free [Free]

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LinkIconPLEASE TEST WITH “ePrint Free” AT FIRST, then get “ePrint”.
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