eScan enables you to scan photos or documents from your scanner.


Scan from your scanner!!

Real_col_Construction.pngeScan supports iOS up to 7.1.2 version.


eScan enables you to controls your scanner from your iPhone or iPad and load the scanned image to your iPhone or iPad.

- Scan your favorite snap shots to make contents of digital photo frame!
- Scan the documents for a paperless meeting!
- Scan receipts to make household account!

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Requirements :

  • iPhone or iPad should be connected Wi-Fi.
  • WSD protocol supported scanner.
  • The scanner should be connected as same network as iPhone or iPad.

Support scanners :

  • WSD (Web Services on Devices) protocol installed devices.
  • Please see your scanners manufacture’s Web to check is your scanner supports WSD.
  • We didn’t test all of the scanners with eScan.
  • We strongly recommend to download eScan Free first, and test with your scanner. Then download eScan.
  • ※HP Inkjet Printer - eScan DONOT work.

Features :

  1. Adjust scan area (Fixed size or custom size)
  2. Scan settings function (Document orientation, resolution or color setting etc.)
  3. Export scanned image (Save to Camera roll, attache to mail, save as document (iTunes))

How to use :