Introducing e-Workshop [ePrint SDK] for iOS and Android.

iPhone Print SDK


[ePrint SDK] Add
printing function to
your iOS and Android applications.

━━━About ePrint SDK

  • We can provide you ePrint SDK for iOS or ePrint SDK for Android.
  • If you use those SDKs, you can add the print function to your application easily.

━━━ePrint SDK Features

  • ePrint SDKs enable iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) or Android devices to add print function. Supported printers are Wi-Fi network connection and print through TCP/IP (LPR/Port9100). ePrint SDK make an application to print directory, so you don't need PC and client application anymore.
  • Build-in Wi-Fi, build-in ether net, AirPort and other third-party print server are available.
  • Supported printer description languages are PostScript, ESC/Page, ESC/Page-Color, PCL, LIPS and PCL3GUI.
  • Also all shared printers in your Mac are available. (iOS ePrintSDK only)

接続イメージConnected image with printer (iOS)接続イメージConnected image with printer (Android)

━━━Various print settings

  • *Color/ Monochrome printing*Duplex printing
  • *Sepia printing
  • *Various paper size support
  • (A4, Letter, A3, A5, B4, B5, HLT, Legal, 5x7 in, 4x6 in, Postcard, 8x10 in)
  • *Orientation setting
  • *Various print formats and frames.
  • *Borderless printing"

印刷例1Print result 1

  • *Print income and expenditure result from a household account application.
  • *Print documents for presentation.
  • *Print images from an image edit application.
  • *Print today's special recipe from a recipe application.
  • *Print monthly schedule from a schedule application.
  • *Print favorite pages from a book application.

印刷例2Print result 2

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noteSupport Printer
Printer is connected on the network and printed through TCP/IP (LPR or Port9100).
Printer should be available for SNMP.

Support printer's PDL :
ESC/P-R (except for ESC/P raster), ESC/Page, ESC/Page-Color, ESC/Page-S(Color only), PCL3GUI, PCL (Except for HostBase model), LIPS (Except for CAPT), PostScript

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InformationClick here to contact us about ePrint SDK.

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