[ePhotoChest] Lock your private photos on iPhone.




OverviewLock your private photos with ePhotoChest.

This image viewer has a password lock at the app starts.
Also you can easy to lock just shake or face down your iPhone (depends on your settings).
Load photos from “Photo Albums” or “Camera” (iPhone only) to your custom folders.
Just bend your iPhone (iPod touch), you can easy to slide next or before photo or rotate current photo while displaying photo.
You can enjoy browse photos or slideshow just one hand.

Lineup       : ePhotoChest (Free)
Languages    : English / Japanese

If you forget your password, delete and reinstall the application.
Password is set as an initial setting (blank).
All photos in the application are gone.
We strongly suggest backup your photo data.
We don't manage the user's password.

Password lockPassword lockDisplay photos or perform slideshowsplash
inportselect fileimagesetting
Not size down while importingSend EmailSend EmailSend Email
Import Video FileImport Video FileImport Video File




Password lockDoticon_blk_Check.pngPassword lock

  • Password lock.
  • Lock or quit the application by shaking or facing down your device.

Photo folder managementDoticon_blk_Check.pngPhoto folder management

  • Load photos form “Photo Albums”.
  • Load snap shots from “Camera”. (iPhone only)
  • Photo folder management.

Please use ePhotoChest on enabled access to [Settings] > [Privacy] > [Photos] in iOS6 or later.

Display photos or perform slideshowDoticon_blk_Check.pngDisplay photos or perform slideshow

  • Display photos or perform slideshow.
  • Behavior switch when your device.
  • Slide next or before photo.
  • Rotate current photo.


  • Password Settings (Change Password, Require Password)
  • Slideshow Settings (Display time, Effect, Repeat, Shuffle and Don’t Sleep)
  • Motion Settings (Shake and Face Down)

In-App Purchase

In-App Purchase

AddonIn-App Purchase
Now you are available to add useful functions on ePhotoChest.
You can see "In-App Purchase" in "Setting" dialog.

How to buyDoticon_blk_Check.pngHow to buy
It advances to the purchase dialog when In-App Purchase that wants to be bought is selected,
and push the purchase button, please if the content is confirmed, and it avoids it.
When the restoration of purchase is selected, restore purchased In-App Purchase without fee.
Please use this function for change models or reinstall OS.

When iTunes account/password is input according to the instruction of the screen, the purchase processing is completed.
After it purchases it, the function becomes effective soon.

Please maintain the purchase of the application synchronizing with iTunes after purchasing In-App Purchase.
The account is not generated until purchase is completed.
Please retry after time after confirming the network situation or restore purchase when purchase doesn't go well.

Import Video FileDoticon_blk_Check.pngImport Video File (3GS/4 only)
You can handle or watch iPhone 3GS Video files.
Import from the video file from Photo Albums.
Not access to the server.
Movies start playing with tap in preview dialog.

The following video files are not applicable.
- Downloaded video files
- Video files in the iPod application
- Video files in the other application

Send EmailDoticon_blk_Check.pngSend Email
You can attach photos or video files in ePhotoChest to Email.
You would not send Email if the Email send data size is over the maximum size.
Confirm your agreement with your provider.
You can attach 1file per 1 mail.

You can send from Action button in preview dialog, or Blue button in picture list dialog.

Not size down while importingDoticon_blk_Check.pngNot size down while importing
You can import Photos as original size and also browse these photos with original size.
This function provide for the user who want to handle large photos.

It is possible to use it by making "Import image size: Keep" in "Setting" dialog "On" after purchased.




Q: I’d forgotten my password. What should I do?
Delete ePhotoChest from your device once. Then install the application again. Password is initialized.
NOTES: All photos in the application are deleted..
Q: How do I change photo name?
Touch disclosure button at the right side of the photo list. Then enter new photo name at the Photo name, and touch Done button.
Q:How do I change folder name?
Touch disclosure button at the right side of the folder list. Then enter new folder name at the Rename folder, and touch OK button.
NOTES: Loaded photo name is named new folder name + continues number after you change the folder name.
Q: Can ePhotoChest delete the original photo after loading the photo into the application?
ePhotoChest cannot delete or lock the original data. Imported photo is saved in the application, so you are free to delete the original photo. You also export the photo to your Photo Albums at the next version (1.1).
Q: I want photo delete while displaying.
Current version supports delete the photo on the photo list. We are considering and improving delete process.

How to buy

How to buy

How to buyHow to buy

Please click the following icon to buy the application program with App Store.

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